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Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living

The MBCL course is a 8-week programme and is a wonderful follow-up to the Mindfulness course.

The MBCL course offers a way to deepen and develop the learning that has started in the 8-week mindfulness course. Every major contemplative tradition, evolutionary biology, and a growing body of science emphasise the importance of compassion. The MBCL course responds to the pressing need to bring more care and warmth into our daily lives.

It is based on solid research, contemplative experience and clinical practice, this eight-session training programme strengthens our natural instinct for compassion and provides important tools for managing emotional pain in a healthy, radically new way. Participants learn some of the building blocks that enable compassion to flourish – the possibility of stepping aside from the battle ground of thoughts, and of gently and tenderly allowing experience to be as it is.

The programme brings compassionate responses to the fore and offers systematic methods to explicitly develop them, so that mindful compassion can become a natural and accessible part of our being.

‘There is no way we can truly heal and free ourselves without self-compassion. Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living offers clear, practical guidance in cultivating a mindful and kind relationship with our inner life. This creates the grounds for relating to our world with a wise and caring heart.” Tara Brach

What is compassionate living? 

Many aspects of our life are uncontrollable and unpredictable. It is unavoidable that we meet adversity at some stage: in the form of pain, illness, loss, ageing and, ultimately, death. Everything to which we feel attached proves to be impermanent. Our body has many imperfections and will only show more defects as we grow older. We lose people and possessions that are dear to us. What the future will bring we can never surely know, however well we prepare ourselves.

We fight to control what is uncontrollable and flee from what we cannot escape. We worry ourselves sick to get hold of things that are elusive. The more we try, the more we suffer and the more we miss the joyful moments of our lives that pass by.

We unnecessarily generate extra stress when we fight against or flee from unpleasant, but unavoidable, thoughts and emotions.  When we can engage in life mindfully with more kindness and compassion we can learn to soften these unnecessary stress reactions.

Compassionate living is an invitation to look more deeply at what is with not only your eyes, but also with your heart.

Empathy, compassion and generosity are not luxury commodities, they are basic needs that enable us to live.

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