Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper, Mindfulness & MBCL Compassie trainer & Life coach

Justin Cooper

I am Justin Cooper, a native-English speaking mindfulness teacher, therapist and counsellor with my own practice in west Amsterdam.

I feel very passionate about mindfulness because it has changed me and my life in so many ways……. but it wasn’t always like this. Many years ago I wasn’t mindful at all. A strong sense of responsibility combined with perfectionism and an eagerness to please helped me get a first class honours degree and afterwards climb the career ladder in the world of publishing and journalism. My lifestyle of deadlines, stress and a lot of travelling increasingly took its toll but even with two slipped discs I would still drag myself to the office. I was really hard on myself and one day the straw that broke the camel’s back became reality for me.

Justin CooperA complicated operation was unavoidable and when I woke up from the anaesthetic, I had paralysis from my waist down. I immediately fell into an acute depression and isolated myself from my friends and family as I felt that my life wasn’t worth living any more. My world had been turned upside down.

In the weeks that followed I learned the importance of presence of mind and embarked upon a very intensive period of rehabilitation in which I literally, step for step, learned to walk again. Meditation has been with me ever since!

I am a fully certified Mindfulness teacher and I teach mindfulness and self-compassion courses in both groups and on a one-on-one basis. Mindfulness and heartfulness are an integral part of my life. Furthermore, I have been working as a fully certified hypnotherapist since 2003. I also teach hypnotherapy and mindfulness at the Dutch Academy for Psychodynamics and I also teach at the Dutch Institute for Advanced Therapeutic Studies (BiVT).

Each year I follow extra courses, workshops and retreats to both sustain and develop my knowledge further and also to live and embody a mindful and heartful way of life.

I am registered with the following professional bodies:

VMBN lid

  • I am a licenced member of the Association of Mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands and Flanders (VMBN). Registratie number: 2013341

  • I am a fully licenced member of the Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists.
  • My licence number is: 03054

  • I have the highest and most up-to-date qualifications with the Dutch Association of Higher Education
  • My registration number is: 110272-93075.

RBCZ logo

  • I am a fully licenced member of the Registry for Complementary Health Professionals.
  • My licence number is: 403046R.

  • AGB Practitioners code: 90029640
  • AGB Practice code: 90(0)8612

CrKBO geregistreerd docent

  • I am a CrKBO registered teacher.

  • My practice is registered at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce), my number is: 343.39.384



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