Follow-up mindfulness monthly sessions, stillness days and MBVl Compassion course in Amsterdam


Mindfulness Amsterdam organizes follow-up sessions, stillness days, in-depth workshops and also the 9-week self-compassion course.

Follow-up sessions

The goal of the follow-up sessions is to exercise, maintain and deepen your mindfulness practice. The sessions take place once a month with the exception of August. More info.

One day stillness retreat

During the stillness day you are invited to close off the outside world and journey inwards and encounter the peace and stillness which is deep within yourself. It is also a chance to refresh and deepen your mindfulness practice. More info.

In-depth workshops

The in-depth workshops are geared towards universal life themes, such as love and fear, which affect all of us. They provide an opportunity to look more deeply into your own experience and to share this with like-minded people. This can be very healing as we all long to connect and to feel like we belong. The ultimate goal of the in-depth workshops is to expand your awareness. More info.

Self-compassion course

Life is, in many ways, full of challenges and if we are really honest we spend a lot of time getting through life as opposed to really enjoying it. We struggle with being kind and loving towards ourselves. Self-compassion is an invitation to look more deeply at yourself and life with not only your eyes, but also with your heart. Empathy, compassion and generosity are not luxury commodities, they are basic needs that enable us to live. More info.

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