English Mindfulness course given by native-speaker Justin Cooper in Amsterdam


Following a mindfulness course can change your life. Please find below some mindfulness testimonials:

I took your mindfulness course last spring.  I just wanted to let you know that I have been meditating every day since you last saw me. Well, nearly every day. I am truly grateful that mindfulness came on my path, it helps me so, so much to be more balanced and – most importantly – feel more happy! The pace of my life has picked up since the summer (I teach a lot more now) and mindfulness meditation helps me keep on track. And more! I am amazed at the difference it makes in my life. Those 30 min. on that cushion…..
So, I thought I’d drop you a line to tell you. Thank you again for the great introduction to all this, and hope to see you again some day.

My attitude to life has changed. I am more positive, optimistic, happier and more relaxed. My relationship has improved considerably. I stay more calm in stressful situations and no longer run away from confrontational situations.

The biggest present this course has given me is peace of mind. I am now able to stop the continual stream of thoughts and worries.

 The course has been very valuable to me even though in the first 6 weeks I was wondering what on earth I was doing and that this course wouldn’t really help me. I experienced a lot of confusion as if the carpet had been pulled from under my feet and then, in the last two weeks, things started to make more sense as if I was seeing more clearly. I started to feel happier, relaxed and more content inside. I still have my moments of stress and anxiety but I can deal with them more effectively now. I am definitely going to continue meditating.

 The feeling of having to meet other people’s expectations and pushing myself in a perfectionisitc way has reduced considerably. I now have more me-time now and that feels a bit weird but also great.

Thank you Justin for everything. For the insights you have shared and for helping me gain insights in to myself. For all the tips, tools and for your kind and loving presence. The course has helped me change from the inside out and the great thing is, is that this change feels permanent.

 My ever present tiredness has practically gone and when I now feel like a wave of tiredness is hitting me, I can say to myself, ‘it is ok’ and not beat myself up as if I am weak or a failure. In the majority of cases the tiredness then goes away by itself. This has given me a lot more confidence to engage more with life and get more involved in things I really like to do as opposed to thinking, I am too tired.

 I can cope with my emotions much more easily and stop myself from getting caught up in negative thoughts. Sharing experiences in the group and listening to other people helped me enormously.

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