English mindfulness course in Amsterdam

English Mindfulness course given by native-speaker Justin Cooper in Amsterdam

English mindfulness course in Amsterdam

English mindfulness course in Amsterdam taught by Justin Cooper, a professional and experienced trainer and native-English speaker. The course consists of 8 weekly sessions plus a stilness session. The core skill that you will learn is ‘mindfulness’; a way of paying attention, of becoming more aware of what is going on in the present moment. With an increased sense of awareness you can learn to observe your internal reactions which are often automatic and at times judgmental and harsh, in particular to yourself but also to others. The ability to develop your awareness is combined with nurturing an internal attitude of kindness and friendliness towards yourself.

Small groups

I specialise in giving the mindfulness course in small groups so I can pay more attention to the individual process of each participant. Learning to meditate and live more mindfulfully is extremely rewarding and at the same time it can also be challenging.

The extra attention is very much appreciated and helps the participants get the most out of the course.

Why follow a mindfulness course?

Mindfulness helps you to slow your ‘reactive’ mind down, take a step back and see things differently. This creates the ability to make more conscious choices and gives you the strength to face the challenges that life presents you. Furthermore, the main benefits of following a mindfulness course are listed below:

  • more energy and enthusiasm
  • a greater capacity for relaxation
  • more self-confidence
  • an increased ability to handle stressful situations
  • to learn to be less hard and judgmental of yourself and others
  • to develop a kinder and more loving relationship towards yourself and others

Course materials

At the start of the course you will receive all the meditation exercises and the mindfulness workbook so you can practise at home.

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