Individual course

English Mindfulness course given by native-speaker Justin Cooper in Amsterdam

Individual mindfulness course

Do you have a busy and tight schedule? A one-on-one mindfulness course tailored to your own needs and situation is the answer.  The advantages of this are that you will receive more attention for the issues you may be facing in your life or work. The course is taught by a native English speaker with a lot of professional experience.

There are 9 weekly sessions lasting an hour and a half (including a stillness session). The sessions wil consist of meditation exercises, sharing your experiences and addressing the things you may be facing in your work or life.


I have a lot of experience working with senior managers and consultants on a one-to-one level. The mindfulness course can be adapted to meet your own specific needs within the central theme of increasing your ability to cope effectively with stressful and demanding situations.

For more information or if you would like to make an appointment for an introductory chat please call Justin Cooper on 06-12560631 or send an email to


The costs are  € 1200,- including the workbook and all the meditation exercises.


Thank you Justin for an insightful and inspiring individual course. It still amazes me how more empowered I feel when I consciously breathe and connect to the moment and stay in the moment. This has made such a difference at my work, coping with deadlines and juggling work with my family. I now able to spend more quality time with my wife and children. I am very grateful for everything I have learned, I feel I have become a kinder person to myself and those around me.

 I approached the 8-week mindfulness course thinking I was terribly self-indulgent. Now that I have completed it I realise the enormous benefits it has brought – from feeling more centered and in balance, to allowing myself to feel more love and happiness. I know it is good to look after myself for me and for those around me. Justin has guided me through the 8-week course providing great insights and tools enabling me to continue my practice. Thank you for your great gift. Thank you for sharing your learnings. Thank you.

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