Mindfulness training in Amsterdam gegeven door Justin Cooper

Costs of the mindfulness course

The costs of the mindfulness course are €425 per person if you are paying for the course yourself . In the event that your company is going to pay for the costs the rate is €550 + btw per person. The costs include all the course materials.

Paid fees can only be refunded up to two weeks before the course starts.

Insurance coverage

Some additional health insurance policies cover the costs of the mindfulness course if you are, for example, suffering from stress related complaints. Please consult your own insurance company for up-to-date information.

Costs covered by your employer?

In addition, it is possible that the costs of the course can be covered by your employer. There is usually an allocated budget for courses aimed at personal and professional development.

Thank you for supporting Stichting Ambulans Wens

A percentage of the course fees is donated to Stichting Ambulans Wens, which roughly translates into the Ambulance Wish Foundation. This charitable foundation makes the wishes of terminally ill people, who don’t have long to live, come true.

I am a big fan of this charity as it invites us all to reflect on how special life is and how important it is to live in the here and now, to follow your heart and do the things which make you happy.

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