Credentials and registrations

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Justin Cooper is registered with the following bodies:

VMBN lid

  • I am a licenced member of the Association of Mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands and Flanders (VMBN). Registratie number: 2013341

CrKBO geregistreerd docent

  • I am a CrKBO registered teacher.

  • I am a fully licenced member of the Dutch Association of Hypnotherapists.
  • My licence number is: 03054

  • I have the highest and most up-to-date qualifications with the Dutch Association of Higher Education
  • My registration number is: 110272-93075.

RBCZ logo

  • I am a fully licenced member of the Registry for Complementary Health Professionals.
  • My licence number is: 403046R.

  • AGB Practitioners code: 90029640
  • AGB Practice code: 90(0)8612

  • My practice is registered at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce), my number is: 343.39.384



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